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Unlimited Paving is here to help you with all of your asphalt paving and concrete paving needs across North Carolina, from minimal repairs to complete removal and replacement, we can handle it all. Paving is not simple work that you can learn in an hour or count on the DIY guy down the road to do right for you. It’s something that takes serious expertise and skill to do RIGHT. This is work that just has to be done right unless you want to have to tear up your entire driveway or parking lot in a few years to replace it because yours just wasn’t strong enough and has fallen apart. We can handle all of your residential and commercial needs, we take great care in ensuring all of the jobs we handle are done as perfectly as they can be. For something that we want to last you for years to come, it’s worth that little bit of extra effort to get everything right.

North Carolina’s Asphalt Contractors

Unlimited Paving’s team of skilled professional contractors provide the highest quality asphalt paving services in all of North Carolina.

Our team has done asphalt paving jobs in all kinds of different areas, we know what to look out for and how to get the best results for all of our customers.

From home driveways to business parking lots, out asphalt paving services are top-notch. Learn more about our asphalt paving services here.

Driveway Paving

Your driveway is a huge part of your homes overall appearance and curb appeal. Whether you’re looking to sell in the future or you plan to stay there forever, a new driveway is just going to look and feel fantastic for you. Just like every other part of your home, your driveway only has a certain lifespan. At some point it’s going to have to be repaired or replaced to keep it looking good and working as well as you expect it to. A lot of people hardly ever think about the condition of their driveways, but you have to remember it’s a huge part of your home and how people perceive it. A driveway in disrepair makes it seem like you don’t particularly care about how you present yourself, and it just looks bad to visitors and those that pass by. Learn more about our driveway paving services here.

Pavement Milling

Pavement milling and asphalt overlaying go hand-in-hand. It’s more complex in application, but put simply milling is the process of removing the top layers of damaged asphalt from a paved area so that it can be re-paved. This is the perfect solution for anyone that needs some serious repair work done in one place, but the pavement as a whole is still solid and good to be added on to. Once milling is done, an asphalt overlay will follow! Once all is said and done, your parking lot will not only be looking like new but will be stronger and last you longer. To a certain point though, the damaged pavement will have to be full-on replaced, patching it up will just cost you more money in the long-term. Learn more about our pavement milling services here.

Asphalt Overlaying

Asphalt overlay is used as an alternative to full-on replacement, it’s a method of applying a new layer of asphalt to a deteriorating surface. In using your existing asphalt as a base, you’re saving yourself a lot of time and money in the long-run. Right off the bat we will tell you if your asphalt has any severe damage, the asphalt will have to be milled down before it can be overlaid. If you overlay a broken piece of asphalt, your overlay will quickly start falling apart too. You have to have a strong base before you can do anything else. Learn more about our asphalt overlaying services here.

Concrete Pavers North Carolina

For certain jobs like doing sidewalks or driveways, a lot of people prefer concrete over asphalt. Concrete is more difficult to repair but is going to work effectively for a longer period of time and it’s a great complement to any home or business! One perk with concrete is that you can add things like wire mesh to it that will make it stronger. We can’t stress enough the importance of letting your driveway fully dry before driving on it at all, it HAS to reach its maximum hardness and strength first. If you neglect to do this, you could find yourself with some serious issues and replacing your concrete far sooner than you wanted to. Learn more about our concrete paving services here.

unlimited paving mapNorth Carolina Asphalt Seal Coating & Line Striping

When done correctly and at the right time, a good sealcoating job could effectively double the lifespan of your asphalt, and save you thousands of dollars down the road, all while looking great! Among other things a good sealcoating job is going to help your asphalt retain vital oils, keep all water out, and just protect your asphalt from all of the elements as a whole. Compared to the cost of a full removal and re-pavement, sealcoating is very affordable and offers some serious value.

Sealcoating and line painting work almost always go together, if your lines are that faded chances are good your asphalt could use a new sealcoat, and on the same hand if you’ve just got a sealcoat applied, you’re going to have to have your lines re-painted on that asphalt! Proper line painting is so critical to any parking lot working as well as you want it to. They may just be lines painted on the ground, but they dictate the flow and arrangement of your parking lot. You want to have as many spots open as possible, but you also need everything to flow smoothly to avoid any confusion or accidents that may occur. We’ve all seen a parking lot somewhere in NC that just made us scratch our head wondering how someone could think that that works. Learn more about our seal coating & line striping services here.

Pot Hole Filling & repair NC

If your asphalt is very minimally damaged, there’s a great chance that we can save you some serious time and money with our asphalt repair services! It’s just a fact of life that asphalt falls apart over time, whether that be from severe weather, bad drainage, or anything else. Potholes only grow larger as they sit there, so the sooner things can be taken care of, the better. We don’t just pour some asphalt in your potholes and call it a day. We isolate the affected area, remove the asphalt and clean the area, then layer by layer we add the asphalt back in to ensure the strongest possible bond. Learn more about our pothole repair services here.

Asphalt Crack Sealing

When it comes to asphalt maintenance, crack sealing is the most common repair done. You’ve certainly all seen the final results on this before on some main roads you travel on, it’ll look like lines of tar or new pavement all over the roadway. It’s a very temporary fix, but it’s perfect if you have cracks and you just need to keep moisture, oils, chemicals, and even vegetation from getting down into those cracks and making them even worse. We’re careful to only fill in your cracks and do our best to clean up after each use of hot-pour crack sealant. Learn more about our asphalt crack sealing services here.

Unlimited paving is your source for all of your North Carolina paving service needs. We do asphalt paving and concrete paving for residential and commercial applications. If you’re interested in any of our paving services, please contact us. Do you live in the Raleigh area? Check out our Raleigh, NC HVAC services page here. 

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