Raleigh Commercial Asphalt Paving Services

The condition of your parking lot or driveway sends a strong message to potential customers, it really tells a lot about you and how much you care for your business and your image.

A beautifully paved, crack and pothole free driving surface tells customers right off the bat that you are concerned with the appearance of your business and the first impressions you make. It ALSO says that you’re concerned with customer safety, you want to keep everyone’s vehicles safe while they visit your business.

If you have a parking lot that’s full of cracks and pot holes deep enough to seemingly eat a vehicle, people are going to notice that and assume that you just don’t care about how you present your business. You’re also risking the health of your customers cars, a big pot hole can do thousands of damage to a car if hit with any speed, and that’s the last thing you want to have to deal with.

Asphalt Contractors Raleigh, NC

We specialize in building new parking lots, doing paved expansions for your existing lot, and handling any asphalt repairs you may need.

When we do a paving job, we’re careful to pay close attention to water drainage in the area, nothing will degrade and tear apart your asphalt faster than water runoff, even more so if it freezes and un-freezes constantly. Paving is a big investment for your business and it’s not to be taken lightly, it needs to be done perfectly the first time or it’ll spell disaster down the road. Maintaining your parking lot is part of running a successful storefront business. Unlimited Paving is here for all of your Raleigh asphalt paving needs.

Raleigh Asphalt Paving 

Asphalt paving and repair are some services that are best left only ever to the pros to handle, it’s just too dangerous and costly if you mess up to decide to try and repair your own parking lot or pave a little section or a dirt road on your property. It will seem like a great idea until you find yourself calling us out to un-do your mess and re-do it the right way. So leave all your Raleigh asphalt paving needs to the professionals like ourselves here at Unlimited Paving. 

ADA Compliance

Keeping in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act is critical for keeping your business out of any potential legal peril.

A less experienced of unprofessional company may just not have the knowledge needed to keep your parking lot and walkways completely ADA compliant. We are familiar with all of the rules and regulations that your parking lot will need to be in compliance with, we do everything in our power to get everything set up perfectly. Asphalt paving is the cornerstone of our business, we can handle anything from a large store parking lot to adding on a few more spots to your existing lot.

pavingIt’s critical that you only have pavement repairs and work done by experienced paving companies like Unlimited Paving. An amateur just won’t have all of the tools that are needed to do the job right, which is the most important thing at the end of the day. The key with repairs is keeping your eyes out for deterioration as soon as you can.

Some common causes are overloading the pavement, drainage issues, sub-base issues, and cracking due to age or bad drainage. A simple repair job could extend the lifespan of your asphalt surface by years if done right and early enough.

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