Raleigh Concrete Paving

Concrete is a super popular paving medium for building driveways, sidewalks, parking pads, concrete pads for sheds and buildings, concrete patios, driveway extensions, and a whole host of other uses.

Concrete is generally a bit stronger than asphalt, and can have things like mesh added into it to make it that much stronger. Concrete is harder to repair, but will last you a lot longer initially and looks great. It’s critical that concrete be allowed to dry completely before any traffic is allowed on it so that it can reach its maximum hardness and strength. If this step is neglected the result could be you having to replace all of your concrete paving much sooner in the future when it begins to fall apart!

Concrete Driveways NC

A lot of homeowners that don’t live in the city still have gravel and dirt driveways. Nothing, in particular, is wrong with them, but they do require a lot of regular maintenance over time and then can even cause some damage to your car, plus all the dirt and dust you’ll be tracking in with you. Many people don’t know with gravel and dirt they have to be re-leveled regularly and have more dirt or rocks added in to replace what’s lost to the elements and just constant driving over.

The best solution to avoid constantly spending money and doing work on your driveway is to have it paved with concrete! Concrete lasts a very long time with very minimal maintenance needed, it’s far more reliable than your gravel road. It is a big investment, but it’ll save you a lot of money and headache in the future.

Concrete Driveway Care

If you have an aging concrete driveway, it could very well be time for some serious repairs or replacement altogether, and it’s critical that you have them done only by reputable contractors like ourselves. Deteriorating concrete is a safety risk for you and anyone that visits your home, we can come out and determine whether we can do some repairs for you or if you’ll be better off in the long run just going for replacement now. A concrete driveway needs to have the right subgrade, material graded and compacted, to withstand the heavyweight of the concrete itself and then the traffic going over it.

Concrete Sidewalks

If you’re interested in having a sidewalk built or your existing sidewalk is becoming cracked, sunken, or uneven you need to give Unlimited Paving a call. There is SO much more to a sidewalk than just pouring a new batch of concrete in a certain shape, we’re careful to take all of the needed steps to ensure a smooth, long-lasting paving job for you. A new sidewalk looks very aesthetically pleasing outside of your home or business, that’s something that people can’t help but notice, especially when they have to walk on it! We’re sure you’ve walked on some uneven and perilous sidewalks before, that’s something that you really notice and it’s a massively negative reflection on you.

pavingHeavy Duty Concrete Pads

A heavy-duty concrete pad is a must-have if you want to put a shed or parking area somewhere on your property, you never want to have any kind of outdoor buildings just sitting on the ground if you can help it, a concrete pad will ensure a solid foundation and no sinkage into the ground. We’re very careful with where we put down concrete pads, we want the ground to be even and not a place that is constantly saturated with water or you risk your shed and concrete pad both falling apart far sooner than they should.

Whatever you need paved, our concrete services can help you out. We’re committed to getting good looking, long lasting results out of every job we do for a customer and in every single job we do. Concrete is extremely strong and especially good at handling heavy loads constantly, that’s why for example concrete is used for dumpster pads, it can stand up to the heavy downward forces and pressure exerted by a heavy truck lifting a heavy dumpster, whereas asphalt just isn’t as well equipped to handle massive loads like that. You can count on unlimited paving for all of your concrete paving needs.

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