Raleigh Pothole Repair and Patching

Parking lots and roadways that aren’t properly maintained and cared for will eventually result in damaged vehicles, expensive pavement replacement, and tons of maintenance costs.

Regular blacktop repair and patching is critical to increasing the lifespan of your asphalt, and customers are really going to notice and appreciate this. We’ve all likely experienced both extremes of parking lots, those that you can barely drive in for all of the potholes, and those that just look so nice you want to keep driving around in them.

The Value of Asphalt Parking Lot & Road Repair

More often than not potholes are caused by repeated expansion and contraction of water after it’s entered the ground under the asphalt, water is the worst enemy of any asphalt paving, another reason that drainage is so important. So with constant expansion and shrinkage, wear and tear from the weather in general, and all of the traffic a parking lot gets, they take some serious abuse every day.

Even just sitting in the sun all day long is pretty serious, UV rays are why asphalt fades out over time. Faded pavement not only looks bad, but it certainly weakens over time and will fall apart sooner. 

Once a pothole has formed, it really needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. You may wonder why the rush, and honestly the answer is simple. It’ll only get infinitely worse over time. 

Depending on weather conditions and traffic your pot hole could grow very quickly, and of course the bigger and deeper the pothole, the more dangerous it’s going to be for pedestrians and vehicles alike. The earlier you catch a problem the easier and cheaper repairs will be, so you really need to be on top of big things like this.

Surface Patching

If you catch any degradation or damage soon enough, asphalt patching is 100% what you want to go with, as long as you still have a solid base it’s far and away the best and most cost-effective way to keep your pavement strong and in one working piece. This process begins by cleaning the area to be repaired completely and applying a tack coat to help the new asphalt adhere to the existing surface.

A layer of asphalt is then installed upon the existing surface, the depth that has to be taken off and then added back just depends on your damage and condition. Patching is the most affordable option, but it’s also truly just a temporary patch, you can’t count on it to hold up for 20 years down the road but it will certainly hold it’s own. Patching is great for stretching your lifespan a little before you really need to start considering total replacement.

Raleigh Pot Hole Repair

Potholes, even tiny ones, can be a massive danger to your business and customers alike. The last thing you want to have happen is a customers car be damaged because of the state of your parking lot, then you’re going to be on the hook for that as well as having word spread that you just maintain a poor business and it’s not worth the time of day. You have to present your company the way you want to be perceived, give everyone a beautiful and safe storefront & parking lot area to experience before they come into your business.

So don’t take the risk of hoping your old falling apart parking lot doesn’t cause damage to any cars or pedestrians visiting your business, go ahead and make sure your parking lot is in good shape and going to last you for at least the foreseeable future. Unlimited Paving is here for all of your pot hole and asphalt patching needs, we do great work every time. Contact us to learn more about what we can do.

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